Job Title : QA / QC Welding Engineer
Qualifications : Bachelor Degree
Experience : 2 Years
Responsibilities : The welding engineer should be a graduate engineer with experience and knowledge about different welding and inspection/NDT techniques used in fabrication of structural steel, tanks and pressure vessels. He should have knowledge about international codes like AWS, ASME, API, ASTM applicable to steel fabrication industry. He will be responsible for supervising welding activities as per AWS and ASME IX codes. This will involve interpreting specifications, setting up and qualifying welding procedures and welder qualifications, liaising with the NDT section to set up NDT procedures and training. He will be required to monitor the fabrication quality, inspection and welding processes to ensure compliance with agreed standards. He will also investigate and resolve fabrication quality issues and will design and qualify welding procedure to meet product and client requirements · Preparation and authorizing of new Weld Procedures. · Qualifying welders and maintaining raining/qualification records. · Organizing the calibration and servicing of welding machines. · Troubleshooting and resolving welding faults and quality defects occurring at shop floor level - ability to communicate and positively influence shop floor welders. · Input into Quality Review and Technical Meetings - as welding expert.